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IT SKILLS TRAINING FOR US/Canada/Mexico Citizens/ Permanent Residents/L2 EAD/H4 EAD/OPT/CPT, H1 Transfer, GC Process
Shiro Technologies is currently hiring ambitious individuals who are passionate to make a career in IT industry. We do H1 transfer for eligible candidates and initiate GC process. We have many job openings that you can find at
Who we are?
Shiro Technologies is an IT development and services company, based in Addison TX offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key verticals and horizontal industries across North America, Europe and India. We are hiring folks who are on H1B WITH COMPETITIVE BILLING RATES to fill our open positions with our clients. You can find our daily job openings on

We are we looking for:
Candidates with US/Canada/Mexico Citizenship, Australian Citizenship, STEM OPT/CPT, H1 Transfer Eligible, EAD( L2 or H4), Green Card or Permanent Resident and excellent communication skills.

Why Shiro Technologies?
Helps you take control of your own career
Be an Independent consultant constantly on lookout for better client opportunities.
We do H1b transfer.
Sales commission for self motivated and hard-working candidates.
Immediate Green card Processing.
Provide hands on training on all selected technologies (as needed).
Medical Benefits
Assistance in resume preparation and review.
Excellent and cooperative marketing team working with Fortune 500 clients.
Transparency in the Bill rates.
Interview & Job support.
Free Accommodation and placement to OPT/CPT candidates (First Come First Serve).

Responsibilities and Duties
We Offer Training in following Technologies and all IT Technologies.
Android Developer
iOS developer
Robotic Process Automation
Business Analysis
Dallas, TX

Dallas Area
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